Hello. This site is forever under construction, but a couple of pages already work as intended.

There's no javascript on this website, and it should work in any browser (including old and text ones) as I tried to make the design as minimal and basic as possible.

General info that is supposed to give this site more context and maybe convince you to not close the tab


a photo i took some time ago

My name's Kassy, but I go by a plethora of aliases on the Wired.

I like/am interested in

Reading ISAIF and a couple of other things sometimes makes me feel like no-tech life is the way to go. I love the internet and computers tenderly, but it's hard to deny I might've been better off with limiting my use of that technology or forgoing it entirely. Industrial Revolution and its consequences, I guess.

Anyways, I'm not planning on abandoning the internet entirely as of now, since there still are lots of things to learn and a tremendous amount of interesting people to talk to.

Not that I've met many people through this website... Those I did meet exceeded my expectations, though, and I am hoping I will get to meet more of this type of people.

Why this website?

In short, on this website I intend to express my thoughts, ideas and opinions, and also to improve my writing/"verbalising whatever-I-want-to-say" skills.

Occasionally you may also see images saved from imageboards, links to webpages that had (or did not have) some influence on me, anime screenshots and so on. (whispering: the only pages worth your attention are /notes/index.html, /backlog.html, and /mxmppx.html)

In longer, I've been trying to exit modernity for some time now, and replacing all the useless messengers/social media with an email, a XMPP account and a website seemed like a good enough step to take.

So far, it's been going well. I used to have a Telegram channel, and while it probably attracted much more people (and definitely more feedback, albeit not all of it was of the "quality" kind), I feel like getting a website has changed my outlook (for the better) on a lot of things, and the type of stuff I post has changed a fair bit (and for the better), too.

But I still maintain a Telegram-like collection of "posts" at /misc.html (RSS feed included).

Also, lack of immediate feedback is nice when one gets used to it.

cellular automata gif

a cellular automata rule i liek

In the event something breaks, or you disagree with me on some matter, or you just want to chat, here are my...

Contact details

Email and XMPP: Execute echo aXdha3VyYS50b21va29AZGlzcm9vdC5vcmc= | base64 -d in a Unix-like shell to get my JID & email address. And here's my PGP key (for email), my OMEMO fingerprint (for XMPP).

Email is preferred for slower (1 email per 2-3 weeks, typically) non-instant communication with more substance, and XMPP is for shorter messages.

Languages I consider myself fluent in include English, Ukrainian, and Russian, you can also write in German or Japanese but then you'll get lots of broken grammar from me - I'm just learning those and am not very successful at it (yet).

You could also find me on Neocities' "social network" part of site, or whatever it's called. But I don't like it much and prefer XMPP/email.

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Oh, almost forgot - this is my favorite photo of Richard Stallman! enjoy:

Photo of RMS being amazing

P.S. The current color of links when hovered is my current hair color. Why? I don't know, why not.